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"No National Hayride Safety Standard, No National Safety Standard For Hayrides And If This Was Disney Would You Accept This Type Of Ride That Has Killed Thousands Of Lives? " Ron Melancon

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For more than 12 years, Ron Melancon has devoted his energy to passionately advocating for Hayride Safety Standards and politically under-represented members of our family's. Find  how who Is responsible for the continued loss of lives including our children.  We will expose the truth that the FARMERS lobby efforts to place profit over safety is the direct results of deaths and injuries.  .





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Breaking News! The Maine General Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto!  We Will Name Each Of The 6 State Senators And The Governor Who From Now On Instead Of The Magnificent  7 We Will Call Them The Incompetent 7 And Each And Every Child That Is Hurt Or Should Loose Their Lives By "UNSAFE HAYRIDES These Incompetent 7 Will Be Made Fully Aware!  Click Here For Full Story.....Scott Thistle Is One Of The Best Reporters Who Keeps Covering This Story!